Sustainable Gardening

Sustainable Gardening

Sustainability is important, as environmental engineers in our “other” lives, we know this well. Because succulents are drought resistant plants and need little water resources, we thought we would start a new collection and bring out our true inner geek! This is the first installment of BRT & GG’s Sustainable Succulent Line. The containers are salvaged and reused/repurposed all coming from garage sales, curb diving, rummage sales, and local Goodwill/Redcross sales. This is also our first offering with the beautiful Sting of Pearls Succulent you will see more of in future containers. Do your part to preserve the environment and purchase this today watering can planter(a little self serving, but you get the idea!) for only $15.00. Unlike other products offered here at BigRedThumb and Geek Gardens, our sustainable products are one of a kind (unless we are able to rescue multiples) and first come first serve! Also don’t forget to check out our facebook site (BigRedThumb) to see other news and updates!


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