Scrabble Stepping Stones

Scrabble Stepping Stones

They are ready!!! This has been a product long in production, and longer in concept. We came up with this idea at the beginning of the summer. Like all good ideas, it takes you being overloaded with work until you start the project! The result is amazing. These oversize (10″x10″) scrabble pieces are made from our own hypertufa like concrete mix. After weeks of curing we couldn’t wait to get the stain on them. These are the perfect holiday gift for that smarty-pants in your life. Let your inner geek show and jazz up your garden by ordering your letters today (each stone is $15.00, 3 or more knocks it to $12.00 each, and 10 or more for a can’t miss offer of $10.00 each). We have all letters ready to go and punctuations coming soon! Get your large custom order in now, and have it guaranteed ready by December 1st! Celebrate a WTF moment (Where’s The Fridge) or any other moment you can think of! **We offer delivery in Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska**


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