Succulent Skull Planter

Succulent Skull Planter

It seems that everywhere I look these days skulls are being used everywhere. From the garden to the family room skulls are a sophisticated designer touch. So, with that in mind, leave it to BRG & GG to lighten the mood with these fun enameled skull planters. These repurposed skulls (not real of course!) are enameled in fun colors (white and gold pictured here) and then planted with succulents to accentuate their personalities with some crazy hair styles. Who knew Burro’s Tail, String of Pearls, and Aloe Vera could all make such stunning hair pieces. So, for those looking to add a little humor into their decor, these skull planters are just for you. Stay tuned for a future post with the remaining colors (pink, teal, and orange). At $12.00 apiece these certainly won’t last long!


6 thoughts on “Succulent Skull Planter

    1. These were actually halloween decorations that I picked up. I painted them and cut the tops off and used them as planters. I am not sure who would have them at this time of year. I still have a few planted available for sale locally.

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