Jingle Bells

Fellow Succulent Fans, that special season is in full swing!  Christmas is here.  Here are Geek Gardens we had a fantastic time sharing our succulent designs in both Lincoln and Omaha.  Thank you to all who made this such as success!  We braved the arctic winds (and single digit temperatures) and our trusty plants made the journeys just fine! 

These cold and dark months keep us yearning for better weather and look fondly out on our barren gardens and keep our fingers crossed that our favorite perennials are as hearty as we were told.  For some, this is a great reprieve and needed break from garden labor.  For others, the months with lack of greens and brilliant colors cause us to be SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder). 

Regardless of where you fall, indoor succulents are the solution.  Easy to care for (especially during months with shorter daylight hours) yet providing their beautiful shades of greens and blues and yellows and reds… Succulents can better your mood and give you your garden fix.  Over the course of the next week, we will be posting pictures of our arrangements that are still available.  Please don’t hesitate to place your order!  We will work with you to get them delivered as conveniently as possible and payment with paypal is a breeze! Having trouble finding a perfect gift for someone on your list, keep us (and our one of kind plantings) in mind!



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