The Only Thing That Stays the Same…

You know that old Tracy Lawrence line “The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes…everything changes.” Well that is what it feels like in the Geek Garden’s greenhouse these days.  Even though the weather is still somewhat miserable, spring is coming!  Here is the proof!!


These Living Rocks (Pleiospilos nelii) are not always the most interesting of succulents.  Although they do add unique shape and texture to a succulent collection.  Additionally, these plants have a long and strong tap root structure which is somewhat uncommon in succulents.  What this means is that, generally, these are not a great option for a terrarium as they require a deeper soil depth than most succulents.  Also, they are more sensitive to over watering than say a sempervivum.  There is no denying, when in bloom these living rocks are unique and beautiful!


These sempervivum pictured above are from the arachnoid family.  Notice the hairlike growths around the edges.  They look like they are covered in spiderwebs.  Some arachnoid sempervivums are even more “webby” looking.  If you notice the header on the blog, the uniform green sempervivums pictured are actually the same variety of sempervivum, picture taken late last spring. The changing color throughout the seasons and their robust ability to outlast varying conditions make these a favorite at Geek Gardens.  These are great terrarium succulents and as the terrarium matures, these sempervivums (hens and chicks) will send out shoots (baby chicks) and will slowly cover empty groundspace in the terrarium.  Sempervivums come in hundreds of varieties and are winter hearty all the way up to Wisconsin.  If they take over any of your arrangements, find a well draining space in your yard and watch them thrive outdoors!

We have acquired three new varieties of sempervivums to offer this spring/summer.  I will add a sempervivum specific post soon!


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