The Unknown…

So a couple years ago I ordered a bunch of mixed succulent cuttings.  While they have all grown to be healthy, beautiful, and diverse succulents, it has provided tons of frustration as I do not know what variety many of these are.  If you have ever tried to identify a succulent online you know my frustration.  I have looked up plants that I have whose variety I know, and even then I question online resources as pictures are so misleading.  Add in seasonal variation in colors and identifying unknown succulents can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

The succulent in the chrome pot

So, one of my favorite plants (the one in the back pictured above) in the greenhouse came from this collection of cuttings.  I do not know what type of succulent it is, (let me know if you can identify it!) but it is gorgeous with such a unique shape.  For the past few years the two cuttings I received have grown into healthy plants, but no “pups” came from them.  I didn’t want to attempt leaf propagation because I didn’t want to damage the plant because I have so few of them. While watering in the greenhouse today, look what I discovered!

Finally!!! The first “pup”!!

Years of persistence has paid off!  Both plants actually have a baby pup and in a couple of weeks I will be nervous and excited to take the cutting and get it rooted!  While I still don’t know exactly what type of plant this is, I am excited about propagating it and including them in future designs!



3 thoughts on “The Unknown…

  1. your plant is called pachyphytum hookeri, it is a very east plant and each leaf that fall’s on the soil will root and get tiny leafs, so from one plant you can make a lot of plants, don’t be afraid to brake off a leaf, the plants needs “rejuvenating” once in a while, you can also cut the top half off, remove a few leafs at the down end of the stem and put it in soil and you have a new plant, the rest of the plant will get new stems on top !!! have fun !!

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