Plant Rescue

So I am trying to strategically pick my words for this post.  I don’t want to come across as a crazy person (even though that probably describes me well).  Everytime I go to the local home improvement center I have to check out the garden section, which always leads me to the succulent section. Here is where I get a little off my rocker… It often disturbs me to see how the plants are cared for in these massive stores.  The plants are usually always water-logged and rarely get adequate sunlight.  This is when my “to the rescue” theme song must start playing in the back of my head.  I usually don’t end up leaving the store without sorting out a really distressed plant and taking it home.  Sometimes they are beyond recovery, but every once in a while a major success occurs.  I wish I had before pictures of this little guy because it was in desperate need of some TLC!  However, I must have gotten him just in time, and thank goodness I did.



Did you notice that flower?  I don’t know if I have seen a succulent flower more beautiful.  Here is a close up.


And finally, here is a different angle (my attempt at being artsy with my smart phone in the greenhouse!)


Just an FYI.  I have some very exciting news on the Geek Gardens front.  I few details to work out before I announce!


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