What is Your Succulent Style?

Spring is upon us, or will be soon.  With it comes a new freshness and a re-commitment to all of our favorite plants. Whether it is flower beds, veggie gardens, planters, all focus for the next few weeks will be on the outdoors. However, not everyone has outdoor space to plant the garden of their dreams.  Others want their fresh green friends indoors and out. Whatever the motivation, succulents are a great option indoors and out.  Later this spring we will feature more on outdoor succulents.  But for now, I wanted to take some time to highlight some different options for succulents indoors.  Terrariums are all the rage, but there are so many more options for succulents, we don’t need to limit ourselves to one particular style. One of my favorite things to do with succulents is to group individually potted plants in unique, unexpected containers. Arranging them is part of the fun.  This allows everyone to use succulents to compliment your already established interior design.

I apologize in advance for the pictures.  It is difficult to take pictures of glass terrariums in a greenhouse with a phone… I will get some better terrarium pictures later this week! This first grouping is a take on terrariums.  These are three terrariums with a single type of plant in each one.  I was trying to match different sizes and shapes of glass terrariums to give a more interesting look.  Additionally, I paired three types of succulents that all have a similar bright green color to unite the look.  I also picked the structure of plant to match the terrarium is it placed in.  The combination adds interest and contrast to a typical terrarium.



Here is a close up of the smaller one.


In the following grouping, I wanted to use a bunch of unique containers that didn’t necessarily match each other.  While they are all somewhat modern in look, they are very different in material and shape.  The biggest thing to focus on is to match containers with similar scale.  That way each container adds interest and contributes to the overall look.  The uniting factor in this grouping is that while all the succulents are different varieties, they are all in the same blue-green color.  The different heights of the containers helps to feature each plant.



The next grouping is based on function.  This is a more kitsch take on succulent plantings but I think it is a fun group.  All of these containers were taken from someones kitchen.  No, I didn’t raid friends and family’s kitchens. I did, however, raid the local rummage sales for cost effective containers to repurpose. The picture doesn’t do it justice (I apologize) but the glass pitcher terrarium is incredibly cool!  Again, with plant selection I tried to vary different plant structures.  With this group, matching was not a priority as I wanted it to be fun and not too serious.  I wanted to use as many different types of succulents as possible.



This next selection kind of carries on more of the kitsch look and another rummage masterpiece! This group is all based on color.  The containers were selected due to their natural brown tones.  Plants were selected to match the scale of the containers.  Each container is a very different scale, so matching the plant that would thrive in each container was important.



And finally, this grouping is probably my favorite.  For containers I wanted everything to be very sophisticated. Every container has a gold element to it.  I also wanted to vary the structure and color of the plants. The black prince echevaria in the back is probably my favorite succulent and I love how it’s darkness contrasts with the gold rim of the container (I picked up the container at the local salvation army thrift store).  The skull I created from Halloween decorations that I repurposed.  I love skulls, I think they are nerdy and sophisticated, but with succulent hair it makes it adds some humor.  The third container is a beautiful faux mercury glass.  It is from a collection that we are featuring at our next sale in a couple weeks.  I will post more about the sale and this collection later this week.



So these are just a few examples of some of the ways that we like to feature succulents in our indoor decor here at Geek Gardens.  I hope that this inspires you to find unique ways to showcase your succulent collection throughout the year!



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