Busy in the Geek Gardens Greenhouse

Got to spend some quality time in the greenhouse today taking cuttings and other plant maintenance activities! We have such a busy summer this year, as we were recently asked to provide table decorations for an early August wedding! Propagation is all about thinking into the future.  It gets complicated because I like to have each type of plant in a variety of sizes for different terrarium and planter designs.  Scheduling when to take cuttings is important because once they root, they grow!  Many of these cuttings will be part of designs in the next month or so.  Many of these will also be “mature” plants for our wedding designs!


You will also notice two big echeverias. If you have grown echeverias before, you may have noticed that when they mature, they will start to grow upwards like a stalk.  For me, I find this vertical growth less appealing and I also have a more difficult time keeping the plant healthy.  So part of spring cleanup is to “reverse prune” some of my echeverias.  I clip the top portion of the plant, and propagate it in the same manner that I explained in this earlier post (succulent propagation).  I don’t throw away the rooted bottom portion of the plant.  I keep it and water it as normal.  This bottom plant will start to send out pups to replace the foliage that was cut.  Additionally, I save some of the echeveria leaves to do some leaf propagation.

propagatingAfter allowing the cuttings to callous, these are now in their rooting phase.  In a couple weeks these will all be their own little plants!

Happy Gardening!


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