Weekend Review: Feeling the GEEK LUV!


Craft shows are an interesting beast… What I have learned in our limited experience (3 shows so far) is to not over think it!  As engineers, we have a tendency to try to analyze everything to make decisions for future shows.  So far, each show is so different, our over analysis seems to be inefficient. For example, in our first show (here is the pre show post) all of our handmade concrete planters sold extremely fast. Large terrariums also did very well.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time between the first and second show to make more concrete planters, so we compensated with repurposed containers from thrift shops.  In the second show, big terrariums hardly sold at all, and the re-purposed items (especially the smallest miniature containers) flew off the shelves.  With that in mind, we made sure to have a bunch of small containers and a large supply of handmade concrete containers.  Well, in the first hours, ALL of the big terrariums sold out and we hardly sold any concrete planters…  Additionally, the Skull Planters (post about them here) were definitely a huge draw and conversation piece, but they did not sell very well.


Overall it was a great day and we had so much fun talking succulents with other vendors and of course our amazing customers.  If you were able to come out, we thank you so much!  We had a great time and we are looking forward to the many summer shows that we will be doing in the coming months.  I am working on a calender feature for the site that will have our future schedule. We continue to be amazed and excited about he support that our little hobby business is generating.  We are dedicated to providing unique and interesting arrangements of beautiful and healthy succulent plants!

Our best as always!



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