Prehistoric Intrigue

I first became intrigued with succulents when I came across a Haworthia.  This was the first succulent that I ever owned, Haworthia Tessellata.  I loved the way that it looks almost prehistoric like it is from a different time. I had never seen anything quite like it.  From my first plant came this succulent obsession that morphed into Geek Gardens.  This is the culprit, I blame this plant! Ha!


Haworthia’s continue to be one of my favorite succulents.  They are an incredibly hearty plant with tough leaves.  They grow slowly compared with other succulents.  Additionally they have very different root structures.  Thick gnarly deep roots require deeper soil than other succulents and often make them less ideal for terrariums and other potted arrangements.  But you cannot argue with their uniqueness.


The Haworthia attenuata is another common haworthia with a striking look.  This is commonly referred to as the zebra succulent.  I planted this young succulent and had to take it home instead of putting it up for sale.  For one, propagating this plant has taken a long time, and this is from my first attempt.  I guess besides it being a beautiful planting, it is a little sentimental as well.


Are you as intrigued by these as I am?


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