Rustic Succulent Containers


Concrete planters are a great way to showcase succulents.  Inside or out, concrete planters are both rustic and modern.  NellHill6The textures and sizes of these pots makes matches so well with the geometric shapes of the succulents.

NellHill5I especially love how the colors of these two play off each other.  The lavender of the echeveria with the soft mint green.

NellHill4The echeveria and the sedum work well together. Sedums make for great pairings becuase they are generally a very hardy plant.  They can take more water than most succulents, but also do well in dry conditions.  The sedum is a ground cover and I like how it incorporates the fine texture with the mature echeveria.  Also, the contrasting colors makes the purple pop!

NellHill3I actually have no idea what this plant is.  It mysteriously showed up one day as a cutting on my desk at the Geek Gardens Greenhouse.  No note or nothing!  So of course, I had to plant it. I really love the shape and those spikes!! How can something so pretty look so dangerous! Another closeup just for good measure.

NellHill2It really reminds me of the Tiger Jaw Succulent (Faucaria tigrina) but the size and shape is so different! A beautiful mystery… Thanks to whoever dropped this by!


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