Terrarium Tuesday

If its Tuesday… Then its Terrarium Tuesday!!

I think that I am on a vertical terrarium kick these days.  This does present some challenges though.  First, plants must be tall, but not wide.  Second, It is always a challenge to plant where your hands cannot get!  When i was putting this together, I took many a trip around the Geek Gardens greenhouse to find the perfect plants.  When I found this piece of glass, I had envisioned using blue chalk sticks.  However, I always forget that although tall and skinny, blue chalk sticks branch out and would not work in this terrarium.  When I picked up my crassula capitella I knew it would be perfect.

IMG_7847eI love the geometric pattern that this crassula makes.  In the plant world, the stacking of leaves is actually pretty rare.  Leaves generally will form where there is space, kind of a path of least resistance.  That is where you see the spiraling effect that is so common in nature. I decided to keep with the geometric theme by adding four of the same variety of sempervivum in between the four branches of the crassula.  I love the way it turned out!  As the summer goes on, the leaves of the crassula will blush a beautiful red on the tips, This will really be a show stopper!

IMG_7851eAnd if you have visited this blog before, you know my theory, “Why have 1 succulent container, when you can have many!” For this reason, I coupled it with this potted arrangement.  I put this together in a thrift shop mixing bowl for our last sale about a month or so ago.  I love it even more now that it has grown together and filled out all the space!


See yall next week for another Terrarium Tuesday!

(By the way, I finally got my camera back, so I will hopefully bring you higher quality images from the greenhouse!)


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