So one of the perks of constantly working with succulents is finding great containers to put them in. Suddenly, a stop at the thrift shop or any other shop for that matter qualifies as a “business trip.” Oh the perks! When I stumbled on these amazing owl planters, I did what I always do…. Bought every single one! Unfortunately, (or fortunately) there were only 5. I think they are awesome!

owls copy


8 thoughts on “Succ-Hoo-Lents

    1. Thanks! BTW, I managed to stay in framing budget with some luck and DIY magic! My painting is framed and hanging (which is unfortunately rare for me as most of my art collection is largely awaiting display status! Including the matting gave me momentum!) I will send you a picture of the finished product… or it may appear on the blog!

      1. Yay! So glad it’s hanging up already! Nice job framing it yourself, too. It’s pretty easy to do. I frame all my own work, and I’m no fix-it-up chappee. Did you manage to get a 12×12 pre-made frame? I’d love to see a photo of it up 🙂

      2. Photo coming soon! I found a standard black 12×12 frame, but was not loving the black so I painted the frame gold. It is a fun contrast with the crisp gold frame and the sharp white matte with the beautiful water color!

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