Bad Hair Day

I have been keeping the lookout for a sculptural bust planter for a long time.  What I am really interested in is the Easter Island Statue planters. The problem is that they are incredibly expensive! I think planting succulents for hair is awesome.  Kind of like the skull planters (featured here) that we made last fall, it is just a quirky way to display some awesome plants. 


Well on the same day that I found the owl (shown here) planters, I found these pretty ladies and for a reasonable price no less.  They are not quite as big as I was looking for (about 10 inches) but I couldn’t pass them up.  I have quite a bit of burro’s tail succulents in the greenhouse that I am looking forward to planting in my other lady.  I do really love the way this one turned out!


I am also very excited about next Tuesday’s Terrarium Tuesday.  I put the terrarium together today, and it is unlike anything that I have ever done before!  Hows that for a teaser?  Come back Tuesday to check it out! Also, thanks for all the follows and likes.  WordPress sent me a nice message that this has been my best month to date and obviously that is because of the readers!


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