Terrarium Tuesday

Last week I alluded to how excited I was for Terrarium Tuesday.  I mentioned that this was something unlike I had ever done.  So this weeks installment of Terrarium Tuesday is what I would describe as an Old English Greenhouse style terrarium.  Hopefully this description is fitting (my UK readers will have to let me know!).

IMG_8116eI found the terrarium a while ago and I have been waiting for inspiration on what to put inside. Well, I obviously was going to put succulents, but what succulents and in what containers? So last week I was reorganizing the greenhouse and I was moving around some hyptertufa concrete planters that I had prepared for a show this spring.  It hit me that they would look perfect holding succulents in the greenhouse style terrarium.


I really like the concrete and the metal together.  Lots of different combinations of plants and colors can be used.  This is the first greenhouse terrarium that I have put together and I am really liking it.  Definitely the easiest to maintain.  Also, if you are a succulent over-waterer, I cannot recommend a better container than our concrete hypertufa pots.  They pull excess water out of the soil very quickly which means you can water them just about every day.IMG_8121

And it wouldn’t be a complete post without combining it with some other succulent creation.  This pretty lady succulent bust added the same feel to this grouping and I thought it looked great together.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!



5 thoughts on “Terrarium Tuesday

    1. Thanks! They are so much fun. I have been having fun with it switching out different concrete planters and using all different kinds of succulents. A perfect mix and match terrarium!

      1. I thought of you this weekend when I purchased a neat little square ceramic container of succulents. Looks nice on my coffee table. I LOVE succulents 🙂

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