Succulent Art Blues

I love art, but I am terrible at making it.  I can visualize what I want something to look like, but creating that vision is impossible for me.  I think that is what makes photography so satisfying.  I can picture how I want the image, and the camera does the rest. So, when I decided I wanted succulent art I knew that my only option was through the lens and the assistance of graphic design software.

IMG_7860e2webPart of the reason that succulents are so appealing is the variety of geometric shapes and patterns that exist in these plants.  As my slight OCD suggests, the patterns and order found in succulents draws me to them.  For the past few weeks, I have been working on putting together succulent art.

IMG_7839ebluewebAt our shows we meet many people who love succulents but also have a strong record of succulent homicide.  Hopefully these pieces of art will catch their eye.  If these are of interest to you, let us know.  If there is a demand we will make the prints or full size digital files available. I will periodically showcase some more of these images.



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