Terrarium Tuesday

Happy Terrarium Tuesday everyone!  I had big plans this week to get pictures taken of an awesome terrarium that I put together for a close friend last week.  However, research has not been my friend and meeting deadlines has made greenhouse fun time non-existent.  Today the midwest is supposed to get blasted with severe weather, so I decided to work close to home and not venture to the greenhouse.  I apologize for going back to cell phone pictures!

2013-08-03 11.29.51

Enough excuses though, I do have a fun terrarium to share with you all today.  This terrarium was one of the first that I put together and was made for one of my sisters.  The tear drop glass is a very popular shape and I have seen many terrariums using them.  Typically the hole in the side is put out of view, but I wanted to make it the feature and have the burro’s tail draping out of it.  These terrariums are not always ideal because the shallow depth does not allow for much soil.  I decided not to put a rock layer at the bottom as this would take even more of the valuable soil depth.  This means that watering is a little more tricky as excess water has nowhere to go and can cause the all too common succulent  rot.

2013-08-03 11.30.44I selected burro’s tail, blue dwarf sedum, and sempervivum as they do not require much soil depth.  These teardrop terrariums also make for great air plant terrariums.  We have been talking recently of increasing the scope of Geek Gardens to include air plants.  I recently purchased some to start to get a better understanding of care and how to work with them…. Back to this terrarium, I love the way this looks on the bookcase.  As I have mentioned before, if this location was the permanent home, the plants would surely lack for sunlight and begin to stretch.  However, placing it in more direct sunlight and moving it to this location when it is time to impress is a strategy that works well!

2013-08-03 11.30.24

Have a great week!



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