Hanging Around

Some days you just gotta take a some time to hangout!  This is a “String of Pearls” succulent in a teal/blue hanging planter.  String of pearls are an amazing plant.  I am always surprised by how small their root structure is compared to the length of their strings.  It makes them ideal for some of the hanging planters that don’t really have much room for soil and roots.

IMG_8156eJust a heads of up of what to expect on the blog in the coming days.

IMG_8157eTerrarium Tuesday (of course): This weeks terrarium will follow this whole relax theme!

Succulents in Bloom: We have so many succulents blooming in the greenhouse!  I will post some pictures.  One of our newer varieties of sempervivum is blooming a really nice green flower! (Green flowers are a favorite of mine!)

Succulent Art: Continuing the series of art featuring succulents, I have a black and white print series that I will highlight.

So bookmark or “follow” the blog, cause if you like succulents you have come to the right place!



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