Terrarium Tuesday

I didn’t miss it, but I am cutting it close.  I think the rest of this Terrarium Tuesday post will explain why!

redo3Do you ever have those days where you are just completely uninspired creatively?  For me, today was one of those days.  I had a lot of Greenhouse work to do and I had some great help which made the afternoon a lot more fun and a lot less productive… but great conversation is worth a lot during the grad school grind!  So I had this great terrarium glass which I was very much looking forward to planting.  I have made a few of these before and with so many plants in the greenhouse, I knew this would hit it out of the park.  But it didn’t.  Each plant added made it worse.  It had no direction… It was unattractive and worst of all…. boring.

FailEven the photographs I took of it were uninspiring.  I knew it stunk, but it was a terrarium and today is Terrarium Tuesday.  I thought about saying good enough is, and writing a nice enthusiastic post about how it turned out exactly how I wanted.  I was not even inspired enough to do that!

Fail2Not knowing what I was going to do with Terrarium Tuesday this week, I went about the work of cleaning the greenhouse before heading home… and out of nowhere… Inspiration hit!  I got my second wind (Diet Mt. Dew induced???)!

Redo2I grabbed a couple different plants, notably the flowering echeveria and the rest started coming together.  The low profile terrarium bowl is our most popular design.  I like it because it can be used inside or out.  You must be careful with glass terrariums because they can really heat up in the sun and there is very poor air circulation.  They really are best suited for a temperature controlled dry environment.  But these flat bowls offer great air circulation but still have the glass terrarium feel.

RedoYou can probably tell, I like symmetry.  Well, maybe balance is a better word.  Regardless, I really liked the way this turned out.  It is really full so i decided not to use a top dressing.  This also makes it easier to tell when watering is necessary as you can see when the soil dries.

Redo4and those flowers….

Have a great week!



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