And… We’re Back!!!

I am sorry that we have been absent for so long!  I really have no excuse.  At the end of July I took vacation and returned to the expected —-storm that awaits after a week away.  Also, I really have lacked inspiration.  We have been incredibly busy preparing for two weddings which will feature Geek Garden Terrariums for centerpieces.  This means that we now have more plants than ever before!  The problem is, we have never really formalized what a terrarium requires.  Whenever I make them, I just play with the plants that I have available and try to make something as beautiful as possible.  So, my plans for the weddings has been, propagate as many plants as possible to hope to have enough.  I am confident that we have more than enough, but I cannot quantify how many extra we have.  So I have not felt like I could go to the greenhouse to create… I just realized that I said I have no excuse…. but I then I just created a list of them…. Anyways, I have my second wind and we are back!!!!

For the reasons above, I will not have new creations available to share until after the weddings (mid August).  But What I do have is something that I am really excited about.

Mixing BowlwebThis is the first of a collection of succulent prints that I have been playing around with.  As I have mentioned before, the structure of succulents are so unique and the geometry makes them so interesting.  I also love black and white artwork, especially pencil/charcoals sketches.  Since my ability to create art by hand is severely lacking, my goal was to transform images of succulents that I have captured on camera to reflect this style.  I have a whole series of these prints that I will continue to release.

Pricing  for this print follows:

8×10 = $15.00

16×20 = $50.00

Full size digital file = $45.00

*Price does not include shipping, inquire for prices on other sizes.

Please respect that all images are the authors of this blog and shall not be reused or re purposed with the expressed authorization from the authors.

© 2014 All Rights Reserved



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