Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

A local area coffee shop, Drips, in Council Bluffs Iowa is a great spot.  Beyond their delicious drinks (they even have handmade syrups for unique sodas), they are an amazing supporter of local artists.  At Geek Gardens, we are always kind of affiliated with art, but have never felt like true artists… until now!

To celebrate this time of the year, Drips is hosting an art event based on the Day of the Dead theme. The kick off starts tomorrow (Saturday at 6pm), and if you are in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area you should make very effort to attend. Find out more information here. We decided to take a more literal artistic approach and submit two succulent living art pieces to celebrate.

IMG_8510Meet the lovely “la diosa Fortuna” or “lady luck”.  We combined our hypertufa poured concrete in a handmade planter frame with succulent cuttings to produce this living art. We added hand painted flowers to continue the colors and them from the frame to the mask and succulent background. The best part is that this piece of art will only get more and more stunning as the plants root and grow adding depth and texture.

IMG_8502Our second entry is titled “La Vida a Través de la Muerte” or “Life through Death”.  This piece shows a copper tree with a skeletal trunk branching out with succulent foliage. Additional copper vines and our hand painted flowers complete the work.  Again this is comprised of succulent cuttings that will continue to grow a fill in the piece over time. The base of the frame is made from a beautiful tissue paper that we water sealed and acrylic coated.

Scroll down for more pictures of these two living artworks.  We are so thrilled with the results! If you are able, stop by Drips in the next few weeks and check out their exhibit!

IMG_8515 IMG_8506 IMG_8497Regards




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