Succulent Soup…

IMG_8491We were recently inspired to put together some new items for this years round of holiday arts and crafts markets. We have recently committed to five events so there will be plenty of opportunities for those in Lincoln and Omaha to come find us!

We have a number of plants that really work best planted by themselves.  That inspired us to put together these upcycled soup cans.  We have been playing around with many different materials and I got some planted to see what the finished product may look like.


The can in the front is my personal favorite (although I really dislike the pork and beans succulent I planted in it, that will get changed out!).  As we were making the books, we were left the pages that we cut out.  We recently put together one made from old encyclopedias that were on their way to the dumpster.  I kept noticing all these faces of seemingly important and famous people (they made the encyclopedia at least…).  So we got out the water sealer and acrylic and the result is just creepy enough to be interesting.


These are a fun and low cost way for us to feature different succulents and an attractive container for our costumers to feature their plants. These will all be $8.00-$12.00 depending on the plant.


This (below) is the variety of cotyledon that I posted about last week with the beautiful late blooms.





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