Succulent Birdcage Planter

This summer I came across a steal on a birdcage (this is clearly a decor piece, no birds were made homeless by this endeavor).  I have seen some beautiful birdcage planters that have made the rounds on pinterest, and I wanted to try my hand.  So Thursday night I stopped by the greenhouse before heading home and I just got the urge to finally put this together.  It almost planted itself.BirdCageOf course it was dark in the greenhouse so I didn’t get a chance to photograph it that night.  With the Bobcat Boutique last weekend, I immediately packed it up for the journey to Council Bluffs. So Friday was setup day, and we got our tables and props put together and started to place the plants. Before we even had the plants in place, one of the other vendors spotted it and asked us to put it on hold as they wanted to purchase it when the show opened the next morning!

SucculentBirdCageBefore it sold on Saturday, I quickly took a few pictures.  They really don’t do it justice as it really turned out quite spectacular! The reception was so great that I spent Sunday tracking down similar birdcages so that we could have a few more done this Holiday season.  There are many practical reasons why the birdcage makes a great succulent planter.  First, it looks amazing. Second, It is enclosed so if you have a feline friend that attacks your indoor plants, this will protect it. Third, it has a ring to hang so there is no excuse for not having this near a window!

I promise to take some decent photos of the next birdcage creation!

Have a great day!



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