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Weekend Review and Future Plans

As the winter blast is currently in full force, I really do appreciate having my indoor succulents around! A heartfelt thanks to all who came out to the Bobcat Boutique.  I really cannot say enough about what a great show they put on! It was so much fun bringing our creations to you and talking about succulents all day.  I literally lost my voice after the show! For those that purchased a succulent from us, don’t forget to check out the succulent care page.  Your plants will be most happy with limited water and lots of sunlight! Remember “When in doubt, let them drought!”


We decided to jazz up our space this time with some vintage props and I think that it turned out really nice.  This was also the debut of a number of new products including the succulent book planters, the encyclopedia planters (which sold before I could get a decent picture of them) and our first birdcage succulent arrangement (which almost sold before we had the space set up on Friday night!).  I was able to get a couple pictures of the birdcage which I will post about later this week.  If the idea sounds interesting to you, don’t fret, I was able to come across a few more birdcages and have those at our next show…

Speaking of our next show, we haven’t officially tied down the dates (tentatively Nov 21st-Dec 5th), but your next opportunity to see Geek Gardens will be in an entirely new format.  We are collaborating with an incredible local artist (check out his photo montages here) to put together a great art exhibit at Drips Coffee Shop in Council Bluffs Iowa (by the way, if you go to Drips, make sure to order the hibiscus soda.  Tres makes his own syrups and they are amazing!).  We have some amazing and funky new succulent containers that will make their debut at Drips.

Now, Nebraska friends who are averse to traveling across them Mighty Missouri River, worry not!  We are coming to an event near you soon! We will be involved in shows every weekend from  November 29th to December 13th.  Plenty of chances to get your favorite Geek Gardens succulent gifts.  The first Omaha event information is below.  Make sure to check out the facebook page to see the other amazing vendors! Remember this is all local artisans and all handmade gifts!

Handmade Omaha

Hope to see you this Holiday Season!!



Succulent Book Planter

For a while now, we have been planning on making book planters for our succulents. Since the planting options for succulents is almost endless, we hadn’t made it a priority. Well, we have finally gotten around to it, and I am really excited about the results! Yesterday, I had a few minutes and decided to get one planted.


These look great, but they are actually a lot of work.  Drilling (circular planters like above) or sawing (rectangular ones, will post later) through books is not as easy as it may seem.  It is a very slow process.  After the hole is made, we glue down the cover and then seal the top, bottom, and sides. Once waterproofing is complete, we add screening to the bottom and are then able to plant.


I enjoy having the size to plant with. The combinations of plants makes these so interesting.  I used moss for the top dressing for the soil, but I am excited to experiment with using mosses like we have with other arrangements.  For this particular book, I used an arachnoid sempervivum, a deep green sedum, a dark green echeveria and a panda plant Kalanchoe tomentosa.


The sun was setting as I was getting done and I just took one last picture before leaving the greenhouse.  I am excited to start working with the rest of these book planters!

Hope you have a great week!