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Geekin’ Out at Drips Coffee Shop


We opened our show at Drips with a bang on Friday night.  Thanks to everyone who came out, we had a blast! This was a really fun show, very different from what we typically do.  We had a lot of fun putting together some one of kind succulent creations.  These and many many more will be at Drips in Council Bluffs through Dec 5th.  If haven’t stopped by Drips Coffee Shop, you definitely should!

drips4drips7You may recall our floppy disk planters from earlier this spring… We dressed them up a little and geeked them out a lot! A refresher, we make these out of recycled floppy disks!

Of all the succulent plantings we do, the books are always my favorite… Not my favorite to make.  That usually involves hours of slow progress and lungs full of paper dust!  Of all the books we have created, this stack of vintage children’s books has been the best!

drips6As this is a two week show, and if you have read along this blog you know that succulents needs sunlight, and lots of it! While Drips is a lot of things…. sunny enough for succulents along the brick art wall, it is not. So we put together this display complete (well not quite complete at the time of this picture… but you can get the idea!) with cheap and easy plant lights on timers.  If you love succulents but are unsure of the access to light, for about $12.00 you can have an environment that is easy for you to keep going and perfect for your favorite plants.

drips10 dripsThe plants looked great especially with the Mark Art Photo Montages.  BTW, check these out.  Not only are they ridiculously well done, but at $35.00 they are a great gift idea.



To try to incorporate the two shows, Mark Art and Geek Gardens, we put together a mesh of the two.  Taking prints of original Mark Art, we sealed these to our can planters and matched them with fun and funky succulents.

IMG_8531 IMG_8532Mark made sure to have these prints available so you can get the framed artwork and the succulent can for the perfect matching set! Combined, less than $50.00.



And for the last little glimpse at our show, I present the Sea Shell.  This giant and beautiful porcelain piece of the ’70s is one of the greatest finds of our lives!  We have waited patiently for the perfect event to showcase this beast! As of earlier today, it was still available at Drips…

drips5Overall, we are so excited to be showcased at Drips and we would love for you to check us out! Even if a succulent masterpiece is not in the cards for you, there is something there that you will find interesting and will make you laugh! Worth it, just for the view!




First Chance: Bobcat Boutique

The time is finally here and we are excited about our first show of the season! Come Join us for the Bobcat Boutique at the Iowa School for the Deaf tomorrow from 9:00-4:00 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We will have a huge variety of succulent arrangements including your favorites from the blog along with many one of a kind re-purposed creations!

Bobcat Boutique Flyer 2014

Hope to see many of you tomorrow!


Terrarium Tuesday

IMG_8189Summertime and the living is easy! This week’s Terrarium Tuesday features our “Pitcher Terrarium”.  Planted in a glass pitcher, this is the ultimate summer terrarium! Sedum, Sempervivum, Echeveria, and Crassula are planted in this unique terrarium. (Warning, contents are not a beverage and should not be consumed)

IMG_8193And since it is summer time, a little sea side embellishments can never hurt!

IMG_8187I think these are a fun way to add succulents to your decor.  I picture this as part of a summer centerpiece on an outdoor deck/patio table.  Not sure if its refreshing…. well at least not to drink!


Hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!


Terrarium Tuesday

Last week I alluded to how excited I was for Terrarium Tuesday.  I mentioned that this was something unlike I had ever done.  So this weeks installment of Terrarium Tuesday is what I would describe as an Old English Greenhouse style terrarium.  Hopefully this description is fitting (my UK readers will have to let me know!).

IMG_8116eI found the terrarium a while ago and I have been waiting for inspiration on what to put inside. Well, I obviously was going to put succulents, but what succulents and in what containers? So last week I was reorganizing the greenhouse and I was moving around some hyptertufa concrete planters that I had prepared for a show this spring.  It hit me that they would look perfect holding succulents in the greenhouse style terrarium.


I really like the concrete and the metal together.  Lots of different combinations of plants and colors can be used.  This is the first greenhouse terrarium that I have put together and I am really liking it.  Definitely the easiest to maintain.  Also, if you are a succulent over-waterer, I cannot recommend a better container than our concrete hypertufa pots.  They pull excess water out of the soil very quickly which means you can water them just about every day.IMG_8121

And it wouldn’t be a complete post without combining it with some other succulent creation.  This pretty lady succulent bust added the same feel to this grouping and I thought it looked great together.


Thanks for stopping by, have a great week!


Terrarium Tuesday


Since I started Terrarium Tuesday, I have been waiting to feature these Lightbulb Terrariums!  Of all the terrariums that I have made or even seen, this is by far my favorite.

I start these with a layer of activated charcoal which is used to purify water and keeps the lightbulb environment cleaner longer.  Soil is added followed by 2 or 3 succulent cuttings.  I use sempervivum and jovibarba cultivars, picked for their small size.  There is a huge range of sizes in these two succulents, so picking varieties that remain small when mature is very important.

After a week or two, the succulent cuttings are rooted.  In the one above, I added a top dressing of sand a small sea shell and florist’s moss.  They are so unique and interesting.  Their small size makes them perfect for an office window or really anywhere!


We sell these for $12.00 and if interested, contact us or stop by The Smiling Turtle Art Spot in Omaha to see them in person.  I hope you have a wonderful week!